Kids Weekly Art Classes

Every child is creative in his or her own way. Creativity involves adaptability and flexibility of thought. Our primary goal is to enhance imagination, creativity, and cognitive development of every child. Art can be mentally relaxing. We offer art classes for kids ages 5 to 14, teens, and adults.

We are having Spring camp from April 2nd to April 6th, please visit Camp page or calendar page for more info and registrations. Spring Weekly Art sessions dates will be live soon....


ages 5 to 8
  • Kids Painting, Starting July 7th, Sat 11:15am - $110/5 weeks
  • Foundation Art, Starting July 11th, Wed 5-6 pm - $100/5 weeks
  • Foundation Art, Starting July 7th, Sat 10-11am - $100/5 weeks
  • Kids Drawing class, Starting July 10th, Tue 5-6pm - $105/6 weeks
  • Kids Painting class, Starting July 9th, Mon 5-6 pm - $110/5 weeks

  • ages 8 to 12
  • The Art Of Drawing, Starting July 10th, Tues 5pm $150/5 weeks
  • Creative Art, Starting July 7th, Sat 11:15-12:45pm - $160/5 weeks
  • Foundation Art, Starting July 11th,Wed 5-6 pm - $100/5 weeks
  • Foundation Art, Starting July 7th, Sat 10-11 am - $100/5 weeks
  • Foundation Art, Starting Mon, 5-6 pm - $110/6 weeks
  • The Art of Painting, Starting July 9th, Mon 5 pm $150/5 weeks

  • ages 13 to 16
  • Teen Art Class, Starting July 11th, Wed 6:15-7:45pm - $160/5 weeks

  • ages 17 and up
  • Adult Painting class, Starting May 9th, Wed 11-12:30 pm - $225/8 weeks

    Please email us at, if you have any questions.
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